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Reduced glutathione sodium

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Wuxi Jida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. regards product quality as the basis for the survival and development of the enterprise. While obtaining the GMP certification in China, it actively applies for the certification in high-end markets such as the FDA of the United States and the COS of Europe. Our goal is to rely on excellent product quality, competitive product prices, timely delivery and proactive after-sales service, and to become a trusted generic API and senior intermediate partner for customers at home and abroad.   

At present, Wuxi Jida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is able to produce bulk drugs and intermediates in five major therapeutic fields on a large scale.

Service commitment

1. Keep the customer information confidential, and do not disclose the customer files and cooperation plans of both parties to a third party without the consent of the customer.  

2. Ensure timely delivery and timely delivery in accordance with the contract.  

3. Timely reply to customer complaints, and reply within 12 hours after receiving customer complaints.

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