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Health and safety production policy
Safety first, prevention first; Strengthening education and standardizing management;
Raise awareness,discipline oneself;Eliminate dangerous sources,Health and safety。

Environmental policy
Observe comply environmental protection laws,Standardize Company's environmental facilities;
Improve environmental awareness of personnel,Promoting green and harmonious development。
“three wastes” emission standard
Company Strictly Observe National environmental protection Laws & Regulations,Pursuant environmental requirements standard discharge。
waste gas 《Integrated Emission Standard of Air Pollutants》secondary emission standard
waste water 《Integrated wastewater discharge standard》Level III standard
waste residue  Centralized treatment in Jiangyin Solid Waste Treatment Center
waste gas:waste gas adopt fan Unified collection gas absorption plant,adopt water (soup) absorb and activated carbon absorb,qualify discharge 15m high altitude。
waste water:It is treated by physicochemical and biochemical methods First, the wastewater is collected into the oil separator, and then enters the regulating tank. After being mixed evenly, it enters the neutralization tank for regulation. Then, the treated effluent is discharged into the urban sewage treatment plant through aerobic biochemical treatment and anaerobic biochemical treatment tanks。

waste residue:Unified collection and delivery to Jiangyin Solid Waste Treatment Center for unified collection and treatment。

Health, Safety and Environment Concept
Jiangsu Jihua Lingda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. standardized the company's management system of "three wastes" and "safety" with the slogan of "pay attention to health and protect the environment" and the goal of "reduce environmental pollution" and "safe production" to create a green, environment-friendly and harmonious enterprise。