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Management Philosophy

Cast stone into a tool to make employees happy and full of sense of achievement!

——Recruitment and selection We are selecting the best of you! Talent selection is our continuous work, not only for external recruitment, but also for internal excellent talents。

——Salary design Competitive salary of our appliances creates imagination space! The salary policy that meets the short-term demand may only attract talents for employment. We make it more flexible for talents' entrepreneurship。

——Education and training We continue to develop plans for you! Integrate various resources to continuously carry out and improve education and training. Our goal is to make stone into a tool。

——performance appraisal We will assess your hard work! Employees work hard to meet the needs of higher levels. We will make this assessment more meaningful。

——Career Planning We help you succeed just as our team needs you! The success of employees at each stage will be worthy of their sincere joy. We share the happiness and sense of achievement of employees。

HR Message

The company has opened the door for you to help you realize your ideal. We look forward to your becoming a member of this dynamic and energetic team. The company will become more mature and stronger because of your participation。

The company provides you with not only a job opportunity and an operating platform, but also a stage and challenge arena that allows you to explore your potential and constantly motivate, improve and improve yourself。

To this end, the company will provide you with a complete and systematic education and training plan to improve your current work effectiveness and prepare for taking greater responsibilities in the company in the future. Every employee with excellent work performance and enterprising spirit and always working hard will share success here。

Look forward to and welcome you to join!