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Address:China·Jiangsu·Jiangyin Huangtu Changcheng Industrial qiancun road no.2
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TEL(86)510 86053055

Jiangsu Jihua Lingda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd to June 1, 2012 officially renamed WUXI JIDA PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD,See the news center。

WUXI JIDA PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD is Kunming Jida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Wholly owned subsidiary invested in Jiangsu,was established in June 2005. Kunming Jida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., founded in the first "Kunming International Trade Fair" in 1993, plays an important role in the western medicine market in Yunnan Province. It is a professional western medicine manufacturer in Yunnan Province, a high-tech enterprise in Yunnan Province, an excellent foreign-funded enterprise, one of the top ten star overseas Chinese funded enterprises in Yunnan Province, one of the top ten foreign-funded enterprises in Yunnan Province, and an excellent private enterprise in Yunnan Province。

Wuxi Jida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is committed to developing cutting-edge generic chemical APIs that meet the requirements of the United States and EU countries, with the goal of building an international pharmaceutical raw material base. The company regards product quality as the basis for the survival and development of the enterprise. While obtaining the GMP certification in China, it actively applies for the certification in high-end markets such as the US FDA and the European COS. We will rely on excellent product quality, competitive product prices, timely delivery and proactive after-sales service, and strive to become a trusted partner of generic APIs and intermediates for customers at home and abroad。